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J.C Jones

"Furious Flash"

[Verse 1 Bobbo]
About to make my statement
Draining cups in the basement
She better get on her knees
Before she gets her engagement
Diamonds are forever thats what kanye said
His girls got the ass and heard she gives amazing head
Starting up fast and never slowing down
Repping all the angels will be remembered Newtown
This violence needs to stop, life is valuable thing
Always be there for my family friends and future offspring
I have a lot of haters, fair share of traitors
f*ck all you motherf*ckers you all are my motivators
I go all 15 rounds no bumps no bruise
My punch is like maquez, make Pacquiao snooze

Im all about respect, used to be walked on
Now im the boss man people call me the don
Rollin up these blunts, getting higher then bob marley
Talking like bane so they called me tom hardy
Celebrity status but keep it on the low
If she wants in with me all she has to do is blow
All up on my dice rockin las vegas
All the paper I have is f*cking outrageous
My man jc jones, he works alone
Proven people wrong as he goes along
Party it up and getting drunk on rum
Gotta be hot if she expects my c*m
4th quarter comebacks easy as gravy
Rocking greatness just like my man tom brady
My reign of greatness has only just begun
Represent my people in the 201

[Verse 3 J.C Jones]
Okay its that man J.C.J
If you wanna listen to me
Open up your pockets and pay
If you want a good time
You can listen to my thoughts
On the table dominating
Having the time of my life
Perfect party perfect paradise
Don’t even have to leave my house
Tentertainment and excitement comes towards me
Got all these rewards you must see
Live stream from my house
Going virial
Once in a downward spiral
Was low without hope
Then I started smoking dope
That sh*t brightnes up my day
So let me brighten yours up

You can have front seat on my tour truck
Give you first person perspective
Sitting here bet your not objective
Look out the window
See old foes on the side streets
Haters living out with hobos
Hope you have a nice box
Every game I attened in a pressbox
Watching my peers to see what they do
Pay for all my expenses got the best view

Now getting back to it
First row in the box at the stadium
Smoke before the game highlife
Eating good watching the highlights
Every where I am I create a highlight
Yankee Stadium 9th inning shinning the limelife
Want anytime of day you should see me
Your 15 minutes can get started
Mines about to come true
Got this far without you
Pouring straight shots
Fill it up drinking non stop
Live with reckeless abandon
Ignore when I get reprimanded
No one has moe determination
Only 5,9 but I controll the post
Crucial moments I dilver when it maters most

Own everything I invest in wall street
Earned what I have didn’t cheat
Ill give out some of my assets
Got so much spare clothes
Extra shoes too many snap backs
House filled with 30 racks
Every room is smoke proof
Got smoke shows hanging in the guest room
I never said you could be here f*ck you
Only let my good people come through
Bottles of patron on the shelf linedup
Never run out of anything fresh to reup
Money trees in my back yard
Smoking the best tree
b*tches smoking with me
Can’t get enough of me
Loving this phonemail feeling
Taking the smoke in
Blood shot or bust

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