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J.C Jones

"Island's Voyage"

[Verse 1 J.C Jones]

Thinking back to the days I was young
And my parents were bring me up the
Right way if I wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here
Especially my dad and his family
You have no idea what they went through to get here
I wouldn’t even be alive
Thank god they took that chance and were able to survive
I know It wasn’t easy pay homage to people on my dads side
Its like ive spent my whole life on the outside
If it wasn’t for them
I would have never left my mothers womb
Good thing they were able to avoide a monsoon
Want make my way to cuba
Don’t care what I have to do ill go straight in scuba
Come up catch sun rays
Rip up government regulations
They can try and take away my plantains
Theres no way they can't limit my creations
I own all the news stations

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By the time I'm 21 ill have more than a few grand out
Polishing up diamonds hanging off my neck
Out in public always fresh
Called king of the islands
I know lately ive been hard to find me
Got a new schedule everyday
New opportunities constantly coming my way
New girls new gigs making music nonstop
Party it up smoke some pot
Blood Shot or Bust

Always a man on the move
Haven’t been to the home town
No worries The 201 is still my crowd
When I come back its so loud
When ur name comes up I hear no sound
Heres my message to oak-town
No need to shoot up and almost die
Come with me we can get high
Trust me I don’t lie id
Rather not see my good people parish
Every moment your alive you must cherish
Good intentions Bad Decisions that’s what I live by
Life's a game of inches
Slightest thing goes wrong it’s a whole different ball game
Gotta fight hard for every yard otherwise I won't see fame
My opponets should give in cause its over
Go down like the fighting irish no four leaf clover

Your eliminated im playing in the post season October
Standing out the star of the game
Post game press bombarding while you cry in the corner
Boy your so weak you don’t make any verse
And I got your girl a brand new lou purse
Go out spend all the money get the b*tches doesnt matter
Have more money just re-up money pryimids in my penthouse
Just went yard with your girl took her for a whirl
Little b*tch knocked you out in the toilet
That’s a Surely and im rocking my hurley
Got all these brands nike adiads puma
Getting air fresh of my scuba
Heard some srucb wants to mess with me that’s a rap battle
I’ll walk bear feet across the dessert no cattle
Talk a big game then disappear
Can’t belive you have the nerve to call me out and not be here
You won't make it out alive making this sh*t crystal clear

Fill out a ticket for the lotto
That’s your only hope
Beer over b*tches that’s the motto
You think after all my f*cking struggles
Im gonna let you get away scoth free
You have no clue this trip was a huge trouble
You just created a massive enemy
I’ll leave you out here to dihyrgate
If you get up you won't walk straight
Now your out of shape bent up
Didn’t give anything for lent up
Your life now runs by my plot
Wait till im done with my pot
Wait that long youll defentaily die
Could Give 2 sh*ts as long as im high
Doing this sh*t till I pass god
Shoutout to my boys in Smacked Squad

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