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J.C Jones

"Crystal Clear Vapes"

[Verse 1 J.C Jones]
Getting smacked im smoking smoking
Getting smacked im smoking smoking
Getting smacked im smoking smoking
Got my Community Blunt and its lighted
Don’t give a f*ck if wasn’t invited
Hear about a banger I’m going
Ready for tonight got my money flowing
I come in they know whats poppin
Bottles open no time for stoping
Keep drinking I see people dropping
Giving my teammates high fives
Congraulating Look at this place we freaking made it
Pushing my f*cking limits
Feeling light headed
Could lose it any second
This happens everyday
Need it to feel that flow
Without it I won't let my mind go
Sometimes ill keep things bottled up
When im drinking its bottles down
The truth eventually comes around
Don’t care who I hurt
I’ll attack end up buried in dirt
I’ll rap it all when im drunk and high
That’s what ill do in my spare time

You got 2 options
You can join me or beat me
Opponents look me in the eye they weaken
The proper woman even drop to their knees when they greet me
Consider it an honor to meet me
Have all the choices in the world
Girl u better be special otherwise I’m not polite
Won't get with me today or any night
I f*ck who I want every night b*tch you heard me right
Girls giving me drinks role reversal
Go straight in on my sounds no rehearsal
Don’t text girls first make them want it more
Doesn’t make any difference
So many broads txting me all at once
Too much to handle my phone spaz out
Can't help themselves constanley taking my di*k out
They Don’t give a f*ck even If I blackout
As soon as I wake up there begging me to come out

Theres not many people that I like
All this food in front me you don’t get a bite
I’m the best rapper that hasn’t been heard
You haven’t listend up that’s absurd
I’m the greatest without a record deal
Spectacular so much talent yet I don’t get noticed
Tired of weak sh*t being played putting posers on notice
I’m taking over breaking out
Got so much posie at a young age
Im the russel willson of the rap game
Your in over your head production so lame
When you preform the crowd’s lulled to sleep thats tame
When I perform the crowd’s can’t stop going wild that’s insane
Better understand what there hearing
Everything I make is f*cking influential
Just made the last shot Call it kobe
Theres no way you’ll ever see the old me

No ones stoping me now
On the way up full head of steam
Won't prevent me from living my dream’
BAC increasing as the song goes
Getting hammered im drinking drinking
Getting hammered im drinking drinking
Getting hammered im drinking drinking
Running this country the right way Abraham Lincoln
Your putting us in worse shape then f*cking Bill Clinton
I go by a couple simple things
Here they are weed alcohol girls and a few friends
That’s all I really need in the motherf*cking end
I don’t need it to more complex than that
That’s when problems occur
Suddenly everything becomes a blur
That’s when I start drinking
Don’t even know what I’m thinking

All this mixed in an environment
Its just too much to deal
It’s a little bit nuts
A drink a little bit too much I black out
But don’t worry I come right back and rap out
Every night I almost go down that’s a blackout
What ever happened to that sh*t i just rap out
I smoke Crystal Clear Vapes
Little premature That’s my next mixtape
Till next time remember work hard no breaks

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