Erick Sermon

"Da Black Ranger"

{Verse 1} You never heard no n***a named Marley Fleezo spitting crack rock at yo ear to make it bleed yo I be on the top of the moon blowing elite dope i kill sh*t just like Kane I see no evil you might wanna step out my lane for we leave stuck like hoes in the rain 4 to ya frame to just in case you holding the thang so don’t tweak jack turn around and get ya cheek cracked ya shouldn’t have been running ya jaw think I ain’t peep that people talk you stupid you a dummy ya b*t*h told the squad how you move so where the money i see you be fronting ya move it’s by the tummy but I ain’t gon’ trip if you flip we gon’ turn you mummy, Flee n***a dreams at least what it seems till you realize the Tec in ya face wit a beam ya mouth gon’ open up like the killer off of scream ya soul get lifted and now ya face on a screen that’s real life doing dirt it come back real nice get yo ass up in a jam now you got real life it’s all a joke till you caught in a rope people get smoked n turn to the lord like the pope its all white at that moment Marley Fleezy I’m outside of my brain I’m quite focused you not the dopest you just making noise like locusts you a bug we squash you thugs and leave you hopeless

{Verse 2} Stepping straight out the Zo Da Black muthaf**kin Ranger people always ask me why I switch my name up I had to change up my flow so different It cause danger if you run in the way ya brain get disabled you a vegetable duke no body movement cause I’m truest when I rhyme n***a I can prove it you be in the booth looking like you tryna do it I be cooking up in the lab like ima science student the way I rap in the booth it’s like a science to it sit close n take some notes you need some high improvement you said you better than me you n***as kinda stupid Ion got time for this sh*t i guess I’m kinda ruthless so waisting time ain’t the business and you can get stretched out when p come dumping wit the biscuit so get low crawl shake n move try to get ghost all you rappers is sweet we call you n***as French toast step out of line n get ya whole chin broke I’m outta my mind so don’t get ya friend smoked they say Da Ranger be trippin so we gon let it ride step back n let it bang through ya system

{Verse 3} I had to let you n***as know where my skill at I real rap pistol on me cause I will clap protect myself n my family the pole come in handy this b*t*h get upped you shake like Bambi blocking shots off of the rim like Marcus Camby I always be up in the gym my shot outstanding like I’m a warrior the 30 scorching leaving ya team mad cause ya sad and you boring us get off the court n***a this not sport n***a pick a different lane switch ya game up for we torch n***as P Fleezo spit crack every week tho tec in Jeans tho bussing ya whole cerebral these n***as keep on playing wit the kid like I ain’t nice I’m cold like ice uppercut mean like I trained wit Mike Tyson n***a I don’t like fighting n***as we send the snipers n***a that’s strong like bison n***a
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