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Einstürzende Neubauten

"Feurio! (English Translation)"

By means of pressure and body warmth
Out of our confusion
Comes a nuclear fusion
And a monster
A monster
A monstrous amount of energy's released

It might be that it's useless
But it quickens
And if it quickens
Then what's to perish we concede
Is no mis-deed
We're all agreed
One more reason for Feurio!

Marinus, Marinus can you hear me?
Marinus it wasn't you
It was King Feurio!

Only half the world is Teflon and asbestos
The rest is burnable
And it might be if ignited
Quite delightful to behold
Such a blaze
And all for King Feurio!

You are the light of the world
Within which we mix ourselves
Until one cannot determine - who...who?
Then we have determined
Are determined
Easily enflamed and explosive
Insatiable when aroused
For King Feurio!

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