Drug Church

"Dollar Story"

From the sharpie on the tile
To the black mold found behind the drywall
There’s an energy to poverty you can’t run from
But I’m not even hiding
You can adjust to anything if you’re leaving
Even dollar store clorox you’re always breathing
Drop ceilings raw feelings basement existence
Life of a broke lonely p*ssant

That’s just your nature
Cheap drugs raw sex
Low rent high drama
It’s just how the ventless vent
High risk

Stretch plastic over broken windows
To the space heater with built-in stove
Bare bulb overhead lighting
Mood future black hole you’re always fighting
Particle board table depression
Body gets it but brain misses message
Tub washing clothes to save on quarters
Need the money for your court date

Can’t adjust (high risk)
Low ambition (high risk)
Nothing going (high risk)
Can’t adjust (high risk)
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