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Alicia Keys

"I'm Ready Freestyle"

I just gotta warn ya, welcome to California
b*tches on the metro, bangers on the corner
n*ggas sippin' Hennessy, ese's on patrol
And you know I got my chrome, you better leave me alone
I swear, I get
So many real n*ggas who f*ck with my sh*t
C.O.B. and we worldwide
I represent my clique cause that's who I ride with

Crooked I, Hood Star album, n*gga hell no
I do not support the new Death Row
That's in the past you should let go
All my fans, bootleg it and move forward, the west coast
Bringin' that record label back, that's impossible
First of all, Suge ain't involved that's an obstacle
You ain't got Snoop in the group that's illogical
It was fallin' when Doc left and 'Pac was in the hospital
Shootouts, club fights, allies and enemies
Real n*ggas dyin', my road memories
n*ggas tryin' to turn my own city against me, n*gga please
Pistol in my jeans, hangin' with the G's
Wide awake, y'all sleep, never feel me
I made the song durin' the time when n*ggas wanted to kill me
Hidin' in my bushes, I'm shootin' at my landscape
Squeeze and my hand shake
Squeeze and my hand shake
Busters better scatter or lay flatter than a pancake
n*ggas shootin' and runnin', crawlin' over my back gate
Bring it to the present
Now I'm singin' a new song
I told y'all in Move On to move on
New shoes on
I'm walkin' down another path
Extra bad b*tch waitin' in my bubble bath
I'm fresh from the Louis store, popped a couple tags
Bought a couple bags, am I lookin' for trouble, nah
I'm chillin'
I strip butt naked, jump in the bath with her and blow smoke toward the ceilin'
Oh what a feelin'
You know it, what's up?
di*k stood up like some nunchuks for a good f*ck
She suck nut up, said it taste like cake mix
Shots till the suns/Suns went down like game six
I don't regret where I've been
But I love where I am
And I don't give a damn
We ain't gon' make it as a Slaughterhouse fam
Unless we act like our logo and go H.A.M
Pardon me Alicia, but this my jam
Congratulations to you and Swizz
I'm this...

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