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Alicia Keys

"Black love"

Black Mom
You are a nubian queen
You are the north star
Amongst the galaxy of stars
That let my people free

Black Mom
You are the reason I exist
You are the reason I breathe life
I could not pardon your welcoming me
Into this world without giving something back

Black Mom
Your beauty radiate in the dark
With beams of light
Glow from the north star
That light up the dark sky

I raise my head with pride of knowing
I am loved by you
I promise you not to be the coward
To give up life
The reason why I struggle
I rise to survive the darkness

Have mercy on those who died
Those who were raped
And sweated painful tears
As God witnessed their child taken from them at birth
As God is our witness

I dare not curse at the women who conceived a black man
For I felt his pain
And I heard him cry
May God heal our wounds of shame
From being the sons and daughters of former slaves

Black Mom
You are the nubian queen
A galaxy of stars
Pressed agasint the horizon
You are the reason I exist

From the moment I was born
I was able to breathe life
As I inhaled, you embraced me
With your love and kind heart
Your beauty radiates light from heaven
The light I needed to shine

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