The Browning


[Intro: Jonny McBee]
Strength beyond strength
I have seen pain beyond pain

[Verse 1: Jonny McBee]
No purpose for anything
Living life just to live and waste away
In my mind, I feel I am lifeless
Left behind this life spineless
I'll raise my fist to find the power
Through isolation I'll find the answer
You use my name for the fortune and fame
I'll continue to fight when no one knows my name

[Verse 2: Jake Hill]
All this power I've been given, swear to God it's like a curse
Anybody run up, no effort to put them in a hearse
One touch, no challenge, need a patch, no balance
No match, only malice, I need purpose always searching
I got blood in my vision, unstoppable killin' 'em
Call me abominable, there is no option
Dead when they're walking, don't have a heart
And I am the enemy, rip you apart
I'll die a king but part of me
Just wishes all my fallen dreams
Would come to life, succ*mb to strife
Don't care to pray, just let me waste away
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