Granger Smith

"Goodnight Moon"

2 am
Feels like a dream
Rockin' to the sound
Of this old front porch swing
The two of us
Wrapped up in the night
Her head's on my shoulder
The world's never felt so right
She just whispered in my ear
Let's just go to sleep right here

Good night moon
Thank you stars
Without your light she wouldn't be in my arms
You can turn off your tune
The songs that you were singing
Set the perfect mood
The summer breezes
And a sweet slow kiss
Love is heaven on a night like this
But it always ends too soon
Goodnight moon

The first time I ever saw her face
Walking in your light
I found my saving grace
You were there
For our first kiss
And when I said I loved her
You were my witness
I know this nights about to end
I'll see you when you shine again
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