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Zach Hill

"Fyrd Up"

Blalala-lack... mist

Mister who you rise to picket pick it big di*k, big di*k
Rise the gutter to the surface, never did, never did
Liked to wonder why the shoot end of the ache
I get lost in the shutter of the view
Click click, freeze frame in the floor
Hit the ceiling like a brick, fired up
Every day, every day, every night, every night
Every day giving less of a sh*t from the side
Through the eye of a shadow
That's what's this, fired up
I'm so high, told rigor mortis grips, fired up
To the sky and out the sky
Where is it, where the f*ck is it and why
Did it happen like this, fired up
Told ride through the sky of black mist
Two, three, four, five
We must die, this is it, fired up
Zero the sleazy
We forget that you control how that go drink gallon [?]
At the speed of wrist to read through chose me push to turn
Through his soul to wear yellow to funerals, fired up
Magic coffin all his end of the way let go
Like a high that keeps me low
Oh yeah yeah why
Are you sure that it's tonight
Cause if it's not I might get got
The complication of your system
Unexpected, don't wanna be the victim

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