[Intro: Kill Bill]
One time, one time for your man
One time, one time for your man in the back
One time, one time
One time, one time for your man
One time, one time for your man in the back
One time, one time for your man

[Verse: Kill Bill]
She told me when she smoke
It's like she chewin' on candy
Little globes in her mouth
I let her swallow my galaxy
Digest suspect, puffing, I'm dodging chemicals
I used to drop Lucy by the pond and talk to minerals
Breathe the dirt, decrepit, even the shoulders of my demons hurt
Dripping self-loathing, let it splatter on my jeans and shirt
I touched the Earth for the very first time
I flew a very long way, sh*t, what could I say?
To put it light, the glass shifted, now it talk when I touch it
Catching fish just to toss 'em in buckets
But f**k it, borderline borderline
Counting up your illnesses
Count your friendships, bet a thousand bucks will kill them sh*ts
Big money, holding more scars than you can rip from me
Sleeping on your couch and sh*t, dreaming of a thousand bricks
We gold mining, binding dust and trampled diamonds
We never learned to rap, but mastered pantomiming
Talking with hands, I let it bark at your mans
Worldstar Hip Hop: we'll spark a demand
I'm sick of this sickness
If it's beef, I'll let it sleep
It's 2019, last year is dead to me
Yeah, I'm from the sleepy city, I don't ever wake up
Always on borrowed time, boy you better pay up
From the land of the cheats, put the roaches in the water
Where there's sharks in the dunk tank, vultures in the foyer
I don't fear death, bring it near, dress it all in white
Always near death, never clear, press the autumn night
It's never questions for an answer, it's another chance to talk
Chop me up like I'm f**king slamming Wok
What's the ruckus?
Put some sh*t down you can f**k with
Your favorite rapper's just a clown with a budget
Circus act, see me kicking nervous raps, stuttering
This room's too clean, I had to let some clutter in
No biscuit for the buttering, I'm muttering curses
There's weirdos on the internet that f**k with my verses
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