He walks the stairs and stands at the door
Bottle in his right
Fist in his left clenched tight
He's already trampled over his wife
The beginning of his family's demise
As he stares into his little girl's eyes
His little girl's green eyes
And to her surprise he actually came home tonight
But he's still not acting right

He knows better, but he's never experienced it
It's a night much like when he was young
Mama's on the floor again
Yelling "I love you"s at the man standing above her
Who can only respond with violence
He notices the similarities, and begins to scream off the balcony:

"I will never be like you, I will always despise you

Betrayer, where is your head?
Betrayer, where is your heart?
Betrayer, I will never be like you
Betrayer, I will always despise you."

He's still outside screaming into the wind
About his distaste for his former kin
His evil thoughts are pushing him to the edge
And now he's flirting with that ledge
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