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The night, the night is darkest just before dawn, just before dawn
So we search for brighter days
Trudging through fields of deceit

This will be the day of amelioration
If we're granted a clear sky

Where we can look up and admire all that you are
Without a storm in the way, without a storm in the way
There's been so many storms as of late
I know nothing but rain, x2
Nothing but rain. x2

Dry up our eyes
Nothing but rain
Dry up our lives
Nothing but rain
Dry up the rain
The storm's inside me
The storm is inside me. x2

With so many storms around me
It's no surprise that when I see the sun, see the sun
I begin to squint my eyes
I can't handle it all at once, so I let it in slowly, and bask in my saving grace, my saving grace

(I need Your sun to dry up the rain.)

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