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Fleshgod Apocalypse

"Infection Of The White Throne"

Light of the reason and truth guide the knowledge in the heads of men
Free them of the weight of false beliefs
Hate, like a son grown up inside for them who stole our fragile minds
Shadows that control our free will
Enemies of humanity hold us with tricks and lies
So your empire will be destroyed
All beliefs into the void
Until the last one I will see you die

Need of killing preachers that lie, it's my hate that come outside
Tolerance's no place in my mind, kill and free yourself
Decimate them all

Down on your knees when you see me
Look inside my blade
One last time to see your face
Where's the god you pray
When your flesh and bones fall down
Feel my blade inside you, it's cold

Kills, god everybody kills everybody, decimate them all

Burn in the flames of your hell
Feel all the pain you deserve by my hand
God is the breath you won't have
Suffocate your lies in the blood of your death

Suffer, suffer in silence
Suffer, suffer in your hell
Light of the reason and truth
Free us of the weight of false beliefs
Spread your power through our hate
Decimate them that control our will

Enemies of humanity, hold our minds with tricks and lies
In your flesh I will twist my knife, kill and free yourself
Kill, suffer

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