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"Pleasure of Molestation"

You displease my eyes!

Some say, that I'm sick
But I justify my lust
Holy day, I was here
To molest this evil corpse

Lustful blasphemy
Their gathering - brought you to me!
At the altar where they recently found you
Running loose to your condition
The angels soon will be dead
All believers have a walk in Hell!

Call my name, I will hear
And the christians will cease to exist
I curse, thee whom I seek
Darkening, will soon be here

Wait, sacrifice my life
With this evil unholy knife
We are looking down to a god
f*ck Jesus Christ!

Slaves of mankind, believe your lies
Useless, beggars, believers - I hope you die!

f*ck your God, I don't know him
Crime is in our hearts - do not reveal!
[Same part from 2001 onwards / live]
Crying, curl up and die
My eternal oath - you shall see!

[repeat Chorus 1 time]
Sacrifice a virgin's body life
Would you be a servant, for Satan or mankind?
Sacrifice a virgin's body life
Again I speak: f*ck Jesus Christ!

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