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"Hip hop/rap"

Got the beat and im killing it and we ain't got time to stop
Im waitin for the moment killing all the punch lines
Ain't got no mecry coz you hatters are going to be crazy
Im at the top of my crew and we rock this sh*t lyk we playin tetris
Building up this talent i thank god that he gave us
Right now you hatters should be screaming out loud its really funny how sh*t changes im married to the money
Swagg officially coming so b*tch behave and salute

Hook [T-Jay and Wale]
Everytime i see them hatters
Everytime i see them hatters
My moment fresh new start
My moment fresh new start
My moment fresh new start

[Wale BwoiiSean]
Wale in this b*tch damn all i see is fame
So you gon scream for my name my name my faith my daij my cash
Hatters stay young i got a bulletproof condom f*ck
Rapping is easy like breathing
Fresh new start y n*ggas got fresh rhymes
I rap smoke its just because i smoke weed
Your b*tch was high smoking my di*k
6 shots got me living like Wale bwoi
Probably getting more money than me and sh*t
Crazy when the heart breaks and never breaks even
All the faith that i have is all the faith that i need
After signing that b*tch she got on it,on it
Im just a new n*gga who is tryna make it high right
Crowds waving at me they tryna say hie right
Never be a snitch never suck di*ks my moment all i see is three romans
3 arts man f*ck this sh*t f*ck my opponent
Shut the f*ck up and stand up when you see me like im the verdict thats respect


Ok im focused on the target Ye!
Millions on the budget ye!
Yea b*tches ain't f*ckin jus because they want it
I got the rap game on lock
n*gga i jus won't stop im on my way to the top
Its Tayx baby im on role
Ok im gonna destroy the enemy
Tayx b*tch dont mess with me or else i will take action for your ears its satisfaction on my mind its motivation control no hesitation
You used to underestimate me whats your reaction ok
Listen to the realist n*gga speak speak
Fire is what i speak speak
Got real n*ggas and real b*tchies
Zimbabwe we dope
Zimbabwe got that whole swagg i like
And n*gga i am so pote

My moment is now
b*tch im on a payroll
b*tch im (A) class rated
In the books im over stated
In the swagg im over rated
Its naash on the track
Killing it-Smoking it
That ain't nothing but a fact
This sh*t the dopest everything is the coolest
Im the rap resolutin the rap motivation
Daijes scream for my name like im the f*cking congrigation
Nash is the sh*t so i set my conclusion Pnaash!

We the dopest man this sh*t just sounds so stupid can't believe my ass pursuid it i was like damn man f*ck it lets do it n*ggas used to underestimate us but now we have earned great respect lil bithc Zimbabwe dope thats a f*cking fact motherf*cker
Wale BwoiiSean T-Jay Tays Pnaash Dj tafflo the moment

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