First Brick
Ha-ha, my first brick n***a
Grab your ski mask, naw f**k a mask
B*t*h a** n***a, doing it bare faced n***a
This how it's going down for 2-G, feel me

Now get your hands up, this is a motherf**king stick up
Don't even get up, just give your f**king sh*t up
And give your grip up, but first give me them bricks up
First time your a** slip up, you'll get lit up n***a
Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt
The block is on fire, so I got's to get me work ah-ah
Nobody moves, nobody gets hit
Pay attention to the story, of how I got my first brick

My first sack was a fifty pack, when I was only 13
N***as idolizing ballers, disrepecting dope fiends
First string on the team, came home from practice
Had some drama with my mama, found my stash under my matress
Caught an a** whooping, all my privilages tooken
N***as my age getting paid, and I ain't gon stand there just looking
See my uncle be cooking, he's an old school soldier
Use to send me to the corner store, back and forth for baking soda
One day this n***a came over, Texas plates with a briefacase
Didn't know back then, but he was bringing in the f**king weight
I told my uncle f**k a eight, I need a zone
Dropped a gallon the scale, and told me to get my a** on
No need for chaperone, got my grind on on my own
One roof stuck on my dome, stay away from school zones
See my paper got long, but I wasn't done yet
I graduated and migrated, from Bogalusa to Laffeyette


1991, perfected the use of a scale
Steady spending all my mail, while attending USL
I'm like n***a what the hell, this ain't the way to ball
Reconstructed my plans, got down with some n***as from Lake Charles
Started thinking strategic, n***a how can I win
F**k that front sh*t, got down on I-10
N***a's stash spot all good, stuffing my cheese under my hood
Late night by the bail I'ma make the mail
Then think they tell, should of knew they would
Should of understood how it go, n***a see me bout to burn a row
Out here trying to earn the do', and all these n***as wanna turn a hoe
They told the FED's bout the cash, even told them hoes about the stash
Trying to mash on the gas, but that didn't last
I came back, thugs waiting on my a**
Got busted by the task, now I'm waiting for the time to pa**
Can't wait to get out, so I could find that snitch
Grab my sh*t, and go blast his a**
N***a f**k a mask I'll get the last laugh, when you in a hearse b*t*h
This is the tale, of how I got my first brick

Now I'm back on the turf, third verse gets deeper
See it's pressing Nextel, said to hell to beppers
Street sweepers, calicoes, Columbians and them Mexicans
Everybody on they feet, but in the street they plexing
After sex from this bopper, use to f**k in 9-4
Told me that n***a got a Coupe, and gave me the scoop on his hoe
Told me they both like it go, to the club on Friday night
Caught him leaving Cornbread's, should of busted his head by the light
Grip my infrared tight, ready to bust teflons
I was itching to do him in, when he stopped by Exon
But that sh*t'll be dumb, even know where he live
Stayed five cars back, and followed his a** to his crib
Now I'm thinking of what he did, not three years ago
Reached under the seat, for the calico
And caught him, soon as he opened his do'
Now there's nowhere to go, put the barrell to his head
'Fore I left they a** for dead, Noke D this what I said

Yeah b*t*h a** n***a, remember me
Give it up b*t*h (*gun shots*) (*screaming*)