Keep On Grindin’
Man huh, you gotta get up on your feet
That means ha-ha, you got's to bring it (shine on)
Cause there's no hand outs and ain't a damn thang free
And if you don't know that by now, you will never know
You know what I'm saying, you wanna shine you get your grind on

[Hook: Ronnie Spencer]
If you wanna shiiiiiii-iiiii-iiiine
(you wanna shine n***a, you gotta grind n***a
Because the only thing you wasting is your time n***a)
You wanna shine, you gotta grind
Cause the only thing you wasting is your time
One day you here and then you gone (so get your grind on)

I seen a whole lot of n***as, that I knew in the past
Use to be up on they feet, now they flat on they a**
I knew some athletes who thought, they game was the sh*t
But when draft day came, my n***as didn't get picked
Now they ain't doing sh*t, but sitting around getting high
N***as thinking a million dollas, just gon fall out the sky
That's why I mash n***as, and I stay thoed
24/7, hustling in the studio
Money comes money go, so I must invest
My dues more boys like D-O-C, and have a god damn wreck
I know some n***as who'd rather, sit around on they porch and smoke
Instead of taking they a** to work, they get paid in truck note
Now depending on mama, ain't gon last forever
See I fell off before, but I got my act together
I know some n***as got rap, contracts for mills
Didn't grind in the studio, and they lost they motherf**king deals


Now this ain't all about n***as, I know some trifling hoes
Rather get they hair fixed, than by they kids some clothes
These hoes rather go, to the club every night
Until she came home, and wasn't no gas and lights
Now when sh*t don't go right, people love to blame another
When a buster get caught, he run and tell them undercovers
Y'all sorry motherf**kers, I ain't gon say it no mo'
And broke n***as get jealous, when a playa got do'
But if you know like I know, they say it's hell for a hustler
In this white man's world, see everybody's trying to f**k ya
Kin folks be the worst, they'll f**k a n***a first
Like them dopefiend uncles, stealing your grandma purse
Gotta peep my verse, it's all fact not fiction
We all started in the ghetto, from the same position
Don't get mad you ain't listen, you chose to skip cla**
Should of made you some cash, with your unemploy'd a**


Tick-tock, Cardier watch still ticking
Your partnas getting the head, you in the bed bullsh*tting
Now everybody trying to claim, you owe 'em some'ing
Because we all started out, on the same block pumping
I'm trying to have 'em jumping, to the message I'm sending
Got bills to pay, ain't no time to leaning
If you ever been broke, I know you boys know the feeling
Now what would you do, you had your hands on a million
It prolly wouldn't last, brand new S-Cla**
By the time you bought a house, you back on your a**
I'm on some Bill Gates sh*t, some Microsoft sh*t
Create a new computer chip, and build my own cruise sh*t
Get down with your keep, promote some fights and sh*t
Call Quentin Tarantino, go half on a flick
Prolly invest in some melons, so when my folks get sick
If we'd get off our a**, we'd have all kinds of sh*t

[Ronnie Spencer]
Ain't you tired, of sitting down
Waiting for the first, to roll around
Bill ain't paid, rent is due
Stand up and be a man, it's all on you
You wanna shiiiiiii-iiiii-iiiine
You wanna shine, you gotta grind
Cause the only thing you wasting, is your time
(so get your grind on)
You wanna shine, you gotta grind
Cause the only thing you wasting, is your time
You wanna shine, you gotta grind
Cause the only thing you wasting, is your time
(so get your grind on)
One day you here, and then you gone