Get Cha Shine On
Get ya grind on, homie get ya shine on
Know I'm saying, this one for my partnas out there
That's shining, but doing a lil' too much shining
And not enough grinding, feel this here

[Hook - 2x]
Get ya grind on, get ya grind on
Get ya shine on, get ya shine on
Cause you only live once, and then ya gone
One day you here, then the next you gone
So you better make sure, your money long

Get my grind on like daily mayn, get my shine on like Baby mayn
B*t*h a** labels they haters mayn, cause we making sho' that y'all play us mayn
Hydro and drank now that cost a lot, better watch out if you floss a lot
I don't give a f**k if you a boss or not, when they money gone it ain't no handout
Help a n***a out with the work and weed, don't have my ends I'ma hurt ya G
B*t*h a** n***as I'll merk ya see, no emergency you need surgery
N***a lying on the stand that's purgery, told the cops he bought a bird from me
Now I got him tied up in the bird man seed, with the time bum ticking with the mercury
No herb to see you better take a look, my president ain't nothing but a crook
Mo' kilos for us to cook, but the judge just waiting just to throw the book
And ain't talking bout the old testament, ya make a lil' money better invest it quick
Tax evasion they'll f**k you up, take everything from the new house to the Benz
Once again your friends dead on your a**, dumb a** n***a shoulda saved your cash
Real estate now that's mo' to make, but see Uncle Sam wanna piece of the cake
All my n***as that's shining dog, all my n***as keep grinding dog
When you spend a lil' bit then you save a lil' bit
That's the way you keep your money climbing dog g'eah

[Hook - 2x]

Shining Benzes Lexus Cheves, L-150's rolling heavy
New H2's and the two do' coupes, ten G's for the rims y'all boys ain't ready
Big new bracelet and a Jacob watch, yellow stones and the big ol' rocks
Half a mill for the big ol' house, showing these boys what balling's about
He got ice in the mouth karats in the ear, hotel suites yup half the year
If this picture ain't getting clear, pay attention y'all listen here
N***as spend change on ery'thang, baby mama riding in a brand new Range
Iced out chain pinky ring, chinchilla minks steady doing it mayn
Never saved a thang for a rainy day, spend mo' pay than it really made
Checks started bouncing every way, end of the year no taxes paid
C bought too much balled outta control, I'm just letting my homies know
When you get do' better spend it slow, cause you never when this sh*t gon go

[Hook - 2x]

Man g'eah, save your money homeboy
It's some motherf**king, rainy days ahead
Ha-ha take it from E.S.G., know I'm saying
I know what the f**k I'm tal'n bout, g'eah