[Hook - 2x]
I'm out the South (like a boss), got a house (like a boss)
Platinum mouth (like a boss), knock you out (like a boss)
Rep the Dirty (like a boss), I'm moving birdies (like a boss)
E.S.G. O.G. you know me, (I'm a boss)

Now who the boss of all bossed, that G-O-D
And if it ain't him who else, but your n***a E.S.G
I'm like a ghetto hood boss, all of my n***as make some mail
Like A. Bombardsdale, or my n***a Stringer Bale
On the wire I'm on fire, like a b*t*h with gonnerhea
Ask your local DJ, who drop hits every year
N***a diamonds so clear, look like water's in my mouth
Your preacher p*ssed off, cause his daughter's in my house
I use to sell rocks, and have a quarter in my mouth
You can't tell me sh*t, bout who the hardest in the South
These n***as get on records, and lie bout they life
Only thing they did gangsta, was probably rolled some dice
N***as acting like they Nino, these wanna-be Al Pacino's
Claim they sold dope for do', you hoes won at a casino
Catch me on my Harley, with my new blue goggles
Fake gangstas get ate, like they chicken and waffles
Tick tock Jacob watch, yellow rocks Glock c*cked
Fake clicks get dropped, chop-chop like Michael Watts
Duck cops hit blocks, E.S.G. can't be stopped
Till I hit the tip-top, see the paint flip-flop
Watch the drank drip drop, no more rocks in zip-locks
Any boss got beef, with the chief you get shot
Blood clot body rock, lifting weight doing squats
Ready to test any n***a, thinking he got it on lock
Watch the clock cause you slop, I done told you off top
SES we so hot, know you wishing you could swap
C*ckroach I fly swat, off the porch or the block
Cadillac with big feet, call it candy sasquatch
Big bosses get squashed, trying to cop it trying to mock
While these boppers bop what we got, and flock a n***a jock
Now you b*t*hes get popped, yeah with slugs and buckshots
Infrared dots, now there's mo' blood you gotta mop g'eah


This your boy the big boss, E.S.G. yeah
Before my pitbull, Brandon Stacks bite y'all head off
I'm finna let my lil' three year old pitbull, come in here and bite the mic
That's right my son Killa B, say B get on the mic n***a

[Killa B]
(one two three), my name's Lil' B
Better on the mic, like E.S.G
In the Escalade, on 23's
I'm Lil' B, would you roll with me
Man, hold up
I like candy, on my truck
Man, hold up
I like candy, on my truck what

[Hook: Brandon Stacks - 2x]
I'm off the North (like a boss), big house (like a boss)
Platinum cross (like a boss), hard or soft (like a boss)
Doing my thang (like a boss), swang and bang (like a boss)
Brandon Stacks he one of the hardest in the game, (I'm a boss)

[Brandon Stacks]
Call me Stacks, I'm a young n***a with Stacks
Cause I get more money, than the biggest n***a with crack
You can tell by my team, and the way that we holding
You see the 24's spinning n***a, picture me rolling
I hear the word on the streets, n***as hating and talking
Then they see me, and they friendlier than Macauly Caulkin
Just let me live like a king n***a, floss like a king
32 inch bezeltyne, matching cross watch and ring
Why they hating on a king, I'm just living my dreams
Twenty two six screens, before I turned 19
I'm the boss young n***a, you can check my bank
Got straight killers on my side, like Face Slick and Tank
You n***as know how I get down, you hoes see me in action
Extra clip sixty rounds, get out the way when I'm mashing
Before you get the big head, just remember we grimey
I was packing heat running dope, when E.S.G. came to sign me
I get crunk like Lil' Jon, pimp hoes like Don Juan
Like Nas said befo', you better get yourself a gun
We number one, not the Rock but this the take over
Locked up for a year, but now the break's over
Move the fakes over, with they elementary rhymes
I done paid a lot of dues, now it's my time to shine
SES we on the grind, only selling for a mill
Look at all the kiddie rappers, out of Houston getting deals
We gon still keep it real, and our music staying street
We won't start making bounce music, n***a we keep it street
N***as know we go hard, and we ain't never stopping
The b*t*hes start bopping, and the tops start dropping
When we show up man, peep how we floss
I guess that's why they call me, Brandon Stacks the Boss
[Hook: Brandon Stacks - 2x]