Keep Getting It
Brand new, E.S.G
"Keep Getting It", g'eeeeeah

Keep getting it mayn
Boy don't stop, till you reach the top
Boy don't stop, unless your block get hot
Boy don't stop until you stack a fat knot, know what I'm tal'n bout
Having ice in your mouth, (know what I'm tal'n bout)
Big ol' wheels poking out, (know what I'm tal'n bout)
Do-do to purpled out, (know what I'm tal'n bout)
We must be talking bout the South, (know what I'm tal'n bout)

Keep getting it mayn, stacking your bread
I know you heard, what Kanye West said
G'eah, President don't care
See my cousin from New Orleans, he grew up on welfare
So he couldn't evacuate, hurricane did him bad
Lost his grandma his pad, all the cash he had stashed
But uh keep getting it, my cousin he was with that
Got his two G's from Red Cross, then turned around and flipped that
I could make a mill with no deal, say thug that's for real
Don't believe us down here, peep the grill peep the grill
Not the one on my Lac, but the one in my mouth
A lot of bosses in the game, but there's a new one down South g'eah


Keep getting it mayn, stacking your do'
If you split flows, then hit the road and do a show
But if you can find, to the block a ghetto
Go ahead and make it snow, on the low g'eah
Keep getting it mayn, if you don't rap
Got some homies on the block, get they money in the traps
Stay stacking cheese, staying away from them rats
I guess its safe to say, the jealous ones got me strapped
ATL where ya at, H-Town where ya at
The new capital of rap, from the bottom of the map
In my two do' beamer, clothes fresh from the cleaners
The Coast got money but it ain't come from FEMA, we getting it mayn


Keep getting it mayn, stacking dividends
Buy you a house, before you buy a new Benz
Now-a-day's, you know its quick to lose friends
Especially, when you got a lot of ends
Halogen blue lens, shining down the boulevard
These rappers say they hard, they need extra bodyguards
When times get hard, bring out the best in me
Never ever let these A&R's, control my destiny
Pitbull pedigree, last of a dying breed
I'm sick of paying taxes, that I never get to see
Yep its M-O-B, yep its M.O.E
Money Over Everything, except the G-O-D
You know it's E.S.G., don't claim no B's or C's
But see I'm A, double F-I-L-I-A-T-E-D
Affiliated they hate it, all upset cause we made it
All my life been degraded, now my cash elevated cause I'm getting it

Brand new, E.S.G
"Keep Getting It", g'eeeeeah, g'eeeeah