The South
Artist: E.S.G
Album: Ocean of Funk
Song: The South

This is yo everyday boppin b*t*h
And I'm lookin for the n***as wit the drop top
Candy painted hittin the switch
So here's a blast for ya muthaf**kin a**
Wit a d**k in ya mouth
Straight from the muthaf**kin south

Verse One:
Well it's the south
Nuthin but the muthaf**kin south
Before ya say sh*t get my d**k out cha mouth
Mr. E is who I be
OG fo 93
Studio BGs gets no L O V
To the east I'm feelin hap
Was the hap white black
As I get funky then a jit jack
Then George Clint jock's rap
So b*t*hes hold ya nose
N***a watch cha hoes
We gon chunk dem 84s then blow the indo
I'm higher then an eagle
Rollin deep in a regal
Divorce Desert Storm
Now I live wit desert eagles
Slap a ho
Jack the sto'
I neva stole a flow
'Cuz I'm tighter then a t***
And I knock on virgin ho
So and if ya d**k fit
'Cuz it's dank and drink
Ya got me thinkin by the quick lick
I'm big wit the .44
This ain't an indo
Got the money ese
Hell no
I'm out wit dat bum again
The fiends tongue numb again
The half pin sprung again

One dead Columbian
I'm I know it's gonna be he
Once the bird hit street
And the word hit the street
Dat I
Bought me a little crib in the Cristmonte
And last month a little punk could buy a blunt
I guess my life
'Cuz Shife won't a ruin
But dat ain't sh*t biatch
Ya know what I'm doin

It's the south
Comin straight from the south
F**kin it up wit a blunt up in my mouth
It's the south
Comin straight from the south (and I'm a OG)
F**kin it up wit a blunt up in my mouth

Verse Two:
Nuthin but a
O f**kin G
And thank god dat it didn't happen in ninty-three
Jacked from a crab
I got fo my gold
Now my pockets look swoll
Like a n***a on parole
After doin 10 L
Ain't cha fo a dime bag
Fienin fo a piece a pu**y and some zig zags
But f**k it I'm gonna get mine
Kick mine and d**k mine
Why ya lick mine and trick mine
Ya can't playa hate a true playa
So play dat Sega
Watch a n***a E page ya
Wit the rat tat tat tatta
To me it don't matta
Now who's in the backa
It looks like a jacka
I guess they wanna get me fo car today
But this ain't Tim
So I'mma show him a harda way
To not to f**k wit the E
And dat ain't nuthin but the south in me
And I'll be


Verse Three:
Watch cha back 'cuz here I come
It ain't nuthin but dat bomb
From the n***a straight from dat muthaf**kin south
Wit the fry in my hand and my d**k in ya mouth
Droppin dem bombs all muthaf**kin day
We gotta have Bose
There's no date this ain't LA
It ain't nuthin but a n***a like the E
And yea G it's nuthin but the south in me