Realist Rhymin
(Chorus: E.S.G.)
Buy the car, buy the house
F**k the wife, f**k the spouse
Throw the diamonds in our mouth
Realist rhymin in the south
Back to back, track to track
None of ya'll n***as can't f**k wit that
E.S.G and Wreckshop you know we makin paper stack

(Verse One: E.S.G.)
Buy the mansion, buy the Lexus
Buy the nine, to squash the plex
Showin' you boys how it is in Texas
Smoke weed, drivin' reckless
Boppas jock, haters knock
A n***a like me gonna bleed the block
Comin' down, tops drop, trunks pop

Reed to Scott
Can't stop the shine bump & grind again
One mo' up in ya sto' independent top ten
I made mistakes in '98, 99 will be better
88 degrees feel like some pop roof weather
Hell what them haters say E.S.G on the scene
Platinum Soul shuttin' them doors but the game ain't complete
Until the fourth one release best to check yo sh*t
Another hit for ya'll to get Southwest or Select-O-Hits
I'm da sh*t b*t*h!I know you smell the odor
Pressed cruise control I slam the doors on a Rover
Sippin syrup and soda maintain yo composure
E.S.G done signed with Wreckshop you know the game over


(Verse Two: Lil'Flip)
In my mouth diamonds glarin'
Wearin' nothin' but Donna Karen
Ridin' red turnin', heads, always keep a yellow starin'
Buy a house I'll buy the block
Buy the boat and I'm a buy the dock
Sittin' sideways at I-Hop
Watch the trunk still go pop
H-Town playas can't take a loss
Playin' football like Marshall Faulk
Sippin' codine to cure my cough
Full time playa just like Big H.A.W.K
Make Em say Ugh like Master P
Do the body rock like P-A-T
Swang and bang like E.S.G
G's and Ballers like H.$.E
If I'm chillin' with a girl she gotta be a star
If I hold a white cup it gotta be the barre
Blue, black, or red don't touch my car
Screwed Up Click is who we are
25 lighters like D.M.D
20 inch rims on GMC's
Space age pimpin' like MJG
To let the world know I'm Sucka Free
Like Botany Boys I'm Mr. G
Living the life of Luxury
F-L-I-P is who I be, hittin' a switch wit A.P
We millionaires and billionaires
Flyin' to shows in a rocket
The money you make in a year I got that in my pocket!

(Verse Three: E.S.G.)
Better (?)ya to tux let the Klu Klux know
That I'm a blast ya
Heard how ya done James Byrd down up in Jasper
Ask young Grissom Baby, its time I kill
E.S.G and Platinum Soul, that's ten thousand times a mill
So whats the deal all you fake snakes rattle real
Better guard yo grill, better keep yo steel
A n***a get killed on the battle field
We popping pills and paying bills
Makin' major deals for the scrill
They cop my pump back, f**k a contract
All ya'll gonna get killed
Scandalous skills, no sex appeal
How it feels getting hit with a drill
Caps get peeled, Cedric Hill
And you know the crowds I thrill
And from here on to Nashville you know we lookin' trill
We still comin' down with the women and grill
I done want no deal, I'm a stay independent
I done want no deal, I make a mill a minute
Hit the mall and spend it
And you know I'm drippin wet
Comin' threw the door polo'ed down wit Noke D and D Reck
G's, n***a be yellin ki's, some n***as be yellin hustlas
Some n***as be yellin bustas, some n***as be yellin Glocks
Some n***as be yellin nines
But to tell the truth ya'll n***as ain't got a dime
Cause see we gonna..
(Chorus) - repeat to end