Love For Ya
E.S.G. (huh), Lil' Keke the Don
Ha-ha, it's long overdue baby
(Huh, been waiting for the Southside
That swanging and banging, to put it down what)
Mr. Slim Thug, Northside Southside let's do this homie
(C.M.G. Boss Hogg Outlaws, we platinum in the ghetto tell em Ke)

[Lil' Keke]
H-Town superstars, gotta walk that walk
Popped up on 22's, will make you squash that talk
In Texas a living legend, it just ain't my fault
If I see it and I want it, I just go to the vault
We some, city slickers
But these n***as out of state, think we some sh*t kickers
You bring your nuts up on your guns, and just try to get us
But I ain't gon lie you f**king with some real mob figgas, I'm talking hard hitters
We out here stunting, while most of you n***as faking and fronting
Slim Thug and E.S.G. and Lil' Ke, we paper for hunting
It's a hell of a ride, hell of a ride hell of a stroll
We ship it gold, so the paper can fold

Have you ever met some thugs, that can ride like us
Cutting corners burning blocks, looking fly as us
Endo hydro, getting high as us
With a bad little broad, on the side of us
Cause we bouncing-bouncing, rolling up the strip
20 inches when I flip, looking good when I dip
And we be riding sliding, doing what we do
Northside Southside, we got love for you

Now hol' up hol' up, E.S.G. hit the do'
Say Ke, we ain't cooking 36 no mo'
I whipped eighty baby, I'm in the game forever
Represent it sold a million, independent together
I'm with the Young Don, Boss Hoggs in the do'
Working with a quarter mill, smelling like hydro
Look at the grill hoe, I spent sixty on ice
I'm at the Source Awards, looking like a disco light
Purple Sprite push white, FEDs starting to get curious
Act a fool like Ja Rule, move fast and furious
What you get when you mix, two of the Screwed Up Click
With the Boss of the North, standing bout 6"6'
Now this is it watch me spit, 16 from the heart
R.I.P. to DJ Screw, you was there from the start
Now on your mark get ready, playa roll up a ounce
Cause when the hook come in, drop your top gon bounce huh

[Slim Thug]
It's H-Town dream team, ball more than a king
I guess it's in my bloodstream, to be about my green
A new face on the scene, I'm the rap game rookie
Trying to do some'ing new, I'm tired of cooking up cookies
We getting paid down here, living laid down here
Hit the club with bald fades, and braids down here
Slim E and Ke, we Texas best
We three hard young G's, that don't settle for less
You can't mess with the Tex, Boss Hogg on top
When I park at the club, my rims don't stop
They keep cutting, ten G's for these with the b***ons
In a DTS strutting, I ain't want for nothing
From the bottom to the top, and I can't fail
I'm in a click about they mail, I know you can tell
We living swell, cause we got a lot of thangs to sell
I know the FEDs on my trail, but I'm giving em hell