What Fo
(Big Moe)
Why you got in her, why you cuffing her
What you love in here

Say Fat Rat, how you tell em

[Chorus: Big Moe & (E.S.G.) - 2x]
(what you got in her for)
Why you got in her
(what you hog it all for)
(n***a what you love it all for)
Why you cuffing her
(man what you trusting her for)
What you love in her
(what you hog it all for)
(n***a she ain't nothing but a hoe)

[Lil' O]
There she is she the baddest broad, she bopped up
Or look at, her big ole b*** look popped up
Every trick in the club that look at it, they rock up
She throwed in the Docha Cabana, she hot stuff
But baby I don't sweat no hoes, I got bucks
It seems like these other lil tricks, ain't got nuts
Cause the minute you say buy me a drink, they hop up
Saying baby what you want from the bar, huh what
In her face like a fool, treating her like a queen
Plus she done f**ked, every n***a in the city with green
I ain't hating on you playa, go ahead do your thing
But a broad just like that, I would treat like a flame
But the next thing I heard, was you bought her a ring
Beat your partna down, cause he tried to jump in her jeans
I be laughing at you playa, cause she just want your green
Plus I hit the other night, cause she still on my team, man

[Chorus - 2x]

[Lil' O]
She know all the rappers, NBA players
NFL stars, neighborhood drug dealers
Shot callers, ballas, anybody with ends
You ask how you know them boys she say, oh that's my friends
You keep believing that, I got a million dollas cash that they beating that
And you look at you like a fool, man you eating that
Kitty cat, loving the sh*t
Then you wonder how you got, them lil bumps on your lips
I ain't tripping man, I don't be doing all that gallon freeze and tricking man
I just take em to the house, and be sticking man
I can never be a fool and got a chicken man, I ain't tripping man
But you be holding hands at the mall, buying her gifts
And she be spending all the dough, you be supplying her with
But when I rolled by on 20's, she was eyeing my sh*t
And if I ask for the cat, ain't no denying my d**k, man
[Chorus - 2x]

[Lil' O]
Now I ain't gon lie, lil mama beautiful
But he ain't got material, she ain't suitable
And if you didn't have no money she'd be, like who is you
What you trying to make a way for the real, a fool is you
And I ain't even cool with you, but I feel pity on you
Cause man I'm one out the ten playas, hitting your boo
She be at my crib all the time, licking my tool
Telling me how you a mark, straight sh*tting on you
You need to rearrange your game, and them hoes that ain't worthy
Just because she look good, that don't mean she ain't dirty
You need to come see the light, cause your vision is blurry
You be crying over hoes, can't no b*t*h ever hurt me
These gold diggers freaks, these boppers is hoes
You ain't 'pose to handcuff em, knock em down let em go
And when they ask you for money, straight up let em know
I ain't a trick you ain't my type, get your a** out my do', man

[Chorus - 2x]

(*Big Moe vocalizing*)

[Lil' O & (E.S.G.)]
What fo (what fo)
What fo (what fo)
What fo (what fo)
What fo (I don't know) - 4x
Nasty girl...