Swangin (Remix)
We gone do this one for the slab riders
? and Vogues
All way candy colors
Cut the wheel right
Swang back left
Watch the sunlight gleam off the bridges
They bending... around corners
Let's show these young n***as how to do it

[Verse 1: Lil KeKe]
Wood leather my grid line
H-Town my playground
I swang through and I bang screw chopped up and slowed down
All chrome on this cadillac
Kush buds in my loud pack
I represent for my block foo tell then it's like that
Styrofoam and my drank poured
Sittin low and my whip throwed
I twerk mine my ? shine
Roll up at the right time
Top down my deuce up
Chrome pikes when I burn off
Valet then I walk in
Tell them n***as this down south
G'd up n***a all year
Texas boy that's still here
My drank spill I just refill cause that white cup is still near
Jaded up I'm too fly
B***er seats I'm sittin on
Touchscreen just to mean
I work the b*t*h with my I phone
Down here we swang wide
Nothin but that street pride
Chrome feet just too sweet
All good on that south side
I showed the hood how to work the grill
Sittin tight in that candy toy
It's Don Ke he a real g
You f**kin with a legend boy

[Hook: Chamillionare]

[Verse 2: Trae Da Truth]
Tippin the city let me introduce you to the king they call him Trae Da Truth
Last play the safari yo giraffes panoramic roof
B*t*hes see me swang down
Truck here still ain't came down
10 years of knocking pictures off the wall ? still ain't came round
It's used to screwed up Texas Robert Davis is what I swag like
? purple thumpers till they last right
I'm talking about these fours
Candy paint on these texas plates
All I to keep it trill
H-Town holding you haters late

[Verse 3: Bun B]
Real O.G you already know baby
Keepin it 100 and that's from the door baby
Swagged out from head to toe baby
Flowin the dro baby
Fashow baby
Ridin chrome baby
4 baby on those 4 tires
You know me player man I'm no liar
My candy painted slab is so fire
The kill that im on you can't get no hire
My shawty treat me like a king never say no cire
The car the color the model the coats
Put a X in anythang boy she winnin the votes
Boys takin pics but what they really takin is notes
Try to recreate my slab like my verse they quote
It's no joke
But it's kinda funny
Tryna be me going broke I got all kind of money
But gone live ya life G cause mine ain't't never changin
No need for rearranging
Just grab the woodhrain and keep swangin and keep swangin
Boy I See You Swangin

[Verse: 3 E.S.G.]
Candy Lac top back
Now homie watch the sun hit her
Everybody starin swear we got LeBron wit us
This just E.S.G and Stalley here
84's pokin out I'm talkin Stalley beard
But ain't no reggie miller in my apartment this straight Cali here
We hog the boulevard naw we don't ride no alleys here
? double cups penutb***er guts wit a little vinyl
S.U.C M.M.G me and Ross bet on the finals
Slab line it's H-Town to Miami
Still swangin and bangin I wish Screw could see my grammy
It's levels to dis swangin I'm fresh like Rockie
All money gang yeah my last name ?
He thought the paparazzi was watching his maserati
I'm so H-Town I throw some swangers on a bugatti
Trunk do pilates
Watch and glow my side show
Rapper slash trapper I send work to Ohio

[Hook: Chamillionaire]
[Verse: 3 Stalley]
Ridin wit some legends texas tea sippin woodgrain candy candy paint drippin swangin bangin screw
Blowin kush out the roof
Starch jeans and a white t like them southern players do
Rest In Peace DJ Screw
I dump a xanie in my cup and get beatin the block up
Swervin through the the North comin down South throwin that H up
Follow by that 3300 you know I keep it trill
Caddie with the 5th wheel
84's on a 64'
Learn that in the fifth ward
H-Town the originators of swangin on those elbows

I'm a show you how to twerk the wheel
I'm a show you I'm a show you how to twerk the wheel
Chrome on the feet Chrome pikes Chrome
Swang got the wheel hope my drank don't spill
I'm a show you how to twerk the wheel
I'm a show you I'm a show you how to twerk the wheel
Chrome on the feet Chrome pikes Chrome
Swang got the wheel hope my drank don't spill