Boss Hawg
Mic check mic check, my mic on
Yo, I wanna make sure this motherf**ker on
So I can tell all these b*t*h a** n***as
It's a new world order, Wreckshop n***a
Wreckshop n***a

Man we put it down, man we put it down
Known to bust a n***a head, if he wanna clown
Man we put it down, man we put it down
So motherf**k the FED's and them hoes, this our town
N***a we the Boss Hoggs, the top dogs
Back against the wall, we gon still stand tall
N***a we the Boss Hoggs, the top dogs
Back against the wall, we gon still stand tall, f**k y'all

You motherf**kers pack a pistol, we launch nuclear missiles
Incinerate all adversaries, till we accomplish our mission
All you playa haters talking, you dead men walking
Call us Wreckshop executioners, like a**a**ins we stalking
And I'm the n***a that's Chikkenhawk'n, hunt you down and cloudy skies
With a machete under my wing, chopping you n***as down to size
Looking for screens and rise, putting the fear in your eyes
And your heart I know you scared, b*t*h you better run and hide
Write your last will and testament, kiss your family goodbye
Make your peace motherf**ker, cause of your hating you die
You tried to steal our game, but these years you can't fade
It's Wreckshop and Southside, from the cradle to the grave
Chikkenhawk and Sean Pymp, E.S.G. is the captain
Go hard to calculate, and make big money with the rapping
And I'll never take a loss, that I can't take right back
I'm boss hogging and regulating, busting heads with the strap


[Sean Pymp]
N***a I'm down like a dump truck, on fo' flats
Got you living paranoid, like your brain's on crack
Keep on gunning bustas running, like a hundred yard dash
Cause I rat-tat-tat-tat, on that funky b*t*h a**
Unleashing terror to the game, from the pressures on brain
B*t*hes eating off my name, trying to feed off my fame
But f**k you b*t*hes, cause y'all ain't sh*t
Bouncing on my d**k, like a pogo stick
Or Mr. 16-Shotti, pull up Killuminati
Keep bouncing part the body, fed up like teriyaki
Sauce when I floss, I ain't taking no loss
You paid the cost to be the boss, but I'ma break yo a** off
I'm taking all that there, and all this here
Cleaning household motherf**kers, like I'm Mr. Belvedere
Or Major Benson, cause n***a Sean Pymp'n
You run your damn mouth, there's gonna be a damn lynching

You gon feel me now when I come through the do'
See me strapped, with a big 4-4
That Everyday Street Gangsta, ain't taking that bullsh*t no mo'
But f**k you po-po's, you homos don't think it's hard to get ya
This rap game ain't the only way, to go to war wit ya
Sixteen bars don't split you, what about sixteen slugs
Multiply that by two, I'm coming with 32 thugs
Chop your a** to the nub, ain't no Crip or no Blood
But I can tackle a n***a, right in front of the club
And if I drop my Glock, I'm acting like I'm in a cell block
Leave a pu**y in your head, from a lock in the sock
Now I'm a go-getter n***a, like that's the man he on rocks
Local rappers get paranoid, they can't stand when I drop
I leave they brain sets God, I'm so god damn hard
They looking a god damn shotgun house, in 3rd Ward
They broke down your crew, I hate to tell you
But Cynthia Cooper, is more motherf**king man than you


So now and forever, n***a from the cradle to the grave
Is the only way you gon feel me, said you wanna kill me
Motherf**ker, and that's real