Bend it over yea I love to see that slit
Its so hard right now I wonder how it fit
Do it tickle when I’m rubbing on that clit
I just wanna see how nasty you can get

Can I flick it
Can I lick it
When you bring it to my door
When you miss it
You can order up some more

[Verse 1]
The way I feel in life
Is that I’m really kinda trife
The more I try to stop
Makes me wonder why I fight
Take me to the land
Where the water berry sprite
I cannot stay out where I come from
I know nothing but know some
I’m coming from the gutter
I had b***er where the guns was
Sea walk n***as b walk
We played 2 square by the chalk dust
Learned about the blade
Sh*t popped off you didn’t see us
Screw reached up to me
So I came dine so you could meet us
Made you a believer
Like you just encountered Jesus
Piece of pizza peace a genius
Leo like a Cesar but the knife ain’t finna bleed us
Who gone play this part
Cause real life is interceded
Gotta bust this nut
Afraid my hair line is receding
You gone help me out
Or should I start repenting please us
If God is a woman
Then I’m ready for some teaching
If the devil is working
How come they ain't hiring me then?
Forgive me if I’m too slow
I can’t afford a speeding ticket
Another thing you know (oh yea)
I couldn’t wait to go and leak it
Open for me real quick
Just to let me take a peek in
I guarantee you, you gone wanna see me
Every weekend