Watch Yo Screw
[Intro: E.S.G.]
Keep yo' eyes on yo' motherf**kin' Screw, know what I'm tal' 'bout?
We down here jammin', but uhh, I don't give a f**k who it is...
It could be your homeboy, your b*t*h, your main-gal
Your sister, your mama, your grandma: Everybody stealin' Screw! So watch yo Screw, know what I'm sayin'?
So when a n***a get into your motherf**kin' car tal' 'bout
"Uh, where the light at?"
You go and lookin' back and sh*t.. watch yo' Screw!
Know wha' I'm sayin'? Cause n***as want 'em
You could leave: two sticks, a swisher, and a fo'
And a Screw tape on the counter
And ain't nobody taking none of those drugs..
The fo' will still be ther', the sticks will be ther'
Know wha' I'm sayin'? The swisher be ther'
But where's the motherf**kin' Screw?
Everybody want Screw
So when you get this Screw right her'
I want you to hold on to this motherf**ke'
Cause we gon' come up in '94, you best believe that
This just ain't no in-the-house-flowing-Screw-thang
Me and Screw trying to expand this sh*t, 'naw what I'm sayin'
We just left Jack the Rapper, 'naw what I'm tal' bout
We trying to let everyb- the world how we do it down South..
So keep your hands on your Screw
Oh, and keep your eyes on the motherf**kin' law, and the motherf**kin' jackas
And this for all the b*t*h-smackas and the pistol-packas
And we out..

[Outro: E.S.G.]
Don't say E.S.G didn't warn ya.....