Sailin’ Da South (Intro)
Aw, yeah
It's that n***a E-S-motherf**king-Gizzy
And it's going down, once again in this b*t*h
We're still "Swangin' And Bangin'" on them mark-a** busters
But they don't know what time it is
Damn man, n***a so motherf**king high in this b*t*h
I might can't even rap, man
Damn, a n***a gonna stutter or something, man
F**k this sh*t, but um
All the real motherf**king G's
Just come on and take a little trip with the E to the S to the motherf**king G
Cause we're gonna do it like this, b*t*hes

[Verse 1]
Come take a trip with E as I glide and I slide
Boun-boun-boun-bounce as I flip in my ride
Now, the blunts get bust open as I break down that skunk
Bump-bump-bump-bump is the sound in my trunk
I got you all feeling good, you're bobbing your head
Rat-tat-tat-tat, dumb n***a, are you dead?
Cause it's one for the money, two for the hoes
And you got to be real to feel the f**king flow
So, b*t*hes, bend over, now raise up your skirt
Scr-scr-scr-scream if that d**k hurt
Now, I gots to hit it good, you know I can't stop
Pop-pop-pop-pop goes the sound of that t***
As I walked outside, just stood up on the curb and
Chirp-chirp-chirp-chirp goes the alarm in my Suburban
Now I hops in, the Glocks in, it's time for me to flip
When I st-st-st-stutter, I'm high on that dip
But you know what, I makes that real with my mouth
Come on as we sail through the South
Really though, n***a, see I'm a pimp, ho
But y'all just chizill, it ain't nothing but the intro