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True Widow

"Back Shredder"

Been so long since I bloodied my jaw
I rip right through it - sometimes I’m black
So I drag the edge till I see the allure
Crawling up your spine, removing slack
Till I grace the floor and I slowly undo
What is before me without a sound
And I smell the heat and I’m hearing the lure
Where I will take you, you can’t come back

Pushing the cover and pulling the rest
The eyes of the seer go rolling back
As I enter the room and the hands hold me back
I let them do it and come right back
Cause I need to taste what I’m kneeling for
Yes you have got me - you know what for
So I bury the thing that won’t leave it alone
Into the dark and the vast unknown

Funeral of your every desire
The quaking of earth and the widow’s cry
As I pull away and the feeling subsides
You’ll slip away in the place you lie
And I’ll return myself to that place in your mind
Was it a dream or an actual crime
So I stand and stare in your cavernous eyes
Do you have me now or are you mine?

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