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True Widow


Sooner or later I'm gonna get tired
I’ll look at my scars and wonder why
I've got to get away from my abscessed mind
It's making my heart forget what’s mine

I try to run away. But I can't seem to run
There's something in the way
And I'm too scared to look

Stretching the dream and making it come
But something is plain. I'm gonna get hurt
There's something in the way
It's something I have done
It's what is in the way
But can it be undone

I’ve got to run away. Right back to you I’ll run
There's something in our way. But am I even done
We’re drowning in our wake. We cannot see the sun
It's coming back in waves. Its feeling like it's won

Standing here looking at what I've become
The mirror is talking but my face is numb

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