"Spirals Within Thy Being"

I walk in lines, my life
There's this feeling of something being wrong
I know where I want to be
But I have blinded my heart

What do I know?
Which is the right way?
I can't see
I can't breathe

I don't feel myself, right
Avoiding all my essence
Ignoring all what I truly am
Deep inside, I know what is wrong
I don't think right
This is not my real me
I think, I move
How can I know I walk the right path?

Then a spark of consciousness
A heat in my chest vibrates
Leaves a hint, ignites the doubt
'Cause I'm a human!

It stops, it dies
It feeds my ego
And my selfishness

Then my mind conspires
"Nothing is supposed to change"

Energy flows
Transforming heat in fire
Can you feel it?
Just believe it and become a spiral

And I see the path
Not what I'm expected to be
Not how I'm supposed to act
Just the right path!

It feels right
The way is enlightened by my inner self
Guides my blindness through this nightmare

No harm can hurt
There's no pain that I must heal
If I flow within myself

I do as I think
I think as I feel
I feel as I love

In the link with the source
I will find the way

My inner being
The truth
The spirals of my being

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