Moonshine Blues (Paramount 12603) lyrics

Ma Rainey

There he goes, Ma!
Hold him Luke, he might be a bootlegger!

[Verse 1]
I've been drinking all night, babe, and the night before
When I get sober, I ain't gwinna drink no more
'Cause my friend left me standin' in my door

[Verse 2]
My head's goin' 'round and around, babe, since my daddy left town
I don't know if the river's runnin' up or down
But there's one thing certain, it's mama's going to leave town

[Verse 3]
You'll find me wrigglin' and a-rockin', howlin' like a hound
Catch the first train that's runnin' southbound
Oh stop, you'll hear me sayin' stop
Right to my brain, oh stop that train
So I can ride back home again

[Verse 4]
Herе I'm upon my knees, play that again for me
'Cause I'm about to be losin' my mind
Boys, I can't stand up, can't sit down
Thе man I love has done left town
I feel like screamin', I feel like cryin', Lord
I've been mistreated, folks, and don't mind dyin'
I'm gwine home, I'm gonna settle down
I'm gwinna stop my runnin' around
Tell everybody that comes my way, Lord
I've got those moonshine blues, I say
I've got those moonshine blues

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