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"I Caught You"

Pulled up ' into my girl's place
Drop top ' so all the guys can see
Downtown ' is where we were heading
All out ' that's how we party
We stepped into the club
The temperature's rising high (the temperature's rising high)
Next thing I knew I was
Eyed by this fine looking guy

I caught you staring at me
I caught you
Scared but wanting
Boy make your move
Cuz I'm longing for tonight
Your body belongs to me
I caught you

We rolled out ' to the after party
Peeled out ' right as we left the scene
Uptown ' is where we were heading
Penthouse ' where the night keeps going
We stepped in to the room
People were everywhere (people were everywhere)
Next thing I knew I saw
Your brown eyes were starting to stare

(chorus 2x)

Just wanna dance into the night
Wanna feel and hold you tight
So baby come and dance on me
I'll show you real ecstasy


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