Ethel Waters

Have you heard
What I've done
Found a word
Just the one
That takes the place of one I used to call
Baby doll!
It ain't new
It ain't old
But if you'll do
What you're told
You'll find the answer if you take a look
In Mr. Webster's dictionary book
The name is sugar!
I call my baby my sugar
That is the reason why, maybe
That sugar baby is mine!
I'm shoutin' 'bout him
Funny, he doesn't spend any money
All he can lend me is honey
That he can send anytime!
I'd make a million trips
To his lips
If I were a bee
'Cause they are sweeter
Than any candy to me!
That's why I'm sighin';
I get my taffy from sugar!
What's more, I'm daffy 'bout sugar
That sugar baby of mine!
My sugar's so refined
You can't find
None like him in town;
To make it more complete
He's so sweet and so brown
He's special ration
Knows I'm just sweet on my sugar
No, I won't cheat on my sugar
That sugar baby of mine

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