Honey In The Honeycomb

Ethel Waters

What have I got that the others ain't
That always seems to please
T'ain't my perfume, nor my fancy paint
But when I charm the men all swarm
Just like they was bees

There's honey in the honeycomb
There's sugar in the cane
There's oysters in a real oyster stew
And bubbles in sweet Champagne

There's jelly in the jellyroll
And sap in every tree
There's honey in the honeycomb
And, Honey, there's love in me

There's honey in the honeycomb
There's nectar in the peach
There's candy in a coconut shell
And mussels on every beach

There's money in the savings bank
And I personally guarantee
If there's honey in the honeycomb
Then, Baby, there's love in me

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