Joey Purp


[Verse 1: Joey Purp]
I roll up two blunts and smoke 'em back to back
I'm just sippin' on red 'cause I can't find no Act'
I keep her around 'cause she know how to act
And my phone's full of nine, got a line on the thrax (Phone full of nines, gotta line)
That lil' bih go crazy, I beat from the beat (That lil' bih go crazy, she wild)
The broski took ten and a half in the max
I just took me a flight to LA to relax (Took me a flight to relax)
If the new lick don't hit then it's back to the pack

[Chorus: Joey Purp]
It's a GLE, not a Suburban (The GLE fast)
It's a sixth in my cup so I'm swervin' (I'm sippin' on glass)
She can't wait 'til she see me in person (She can't wait 'til she gag)
Yeah, I take photos on top of the four-doors (Took photos on four-doors)
Cop new rollos and f**k up thе polo (f**k up the polo)
I got chocho, it came from my cholo (I got chocho from cholo)
Came out to LA to smokе on the runtz
Then I ran out of fire 'til I'm rollin' up blunts
Can't find no pineapple, poured up in peach
You gon' f**ks from the lime, got a line on the punch (Fall from the line, gotta line)
Lil' bih go crazy, I beat from the front (Lil' bih go crazy, she bad)
She so bad, hit the mall and she get what she want (Bad, she get what she want)
Broski got forty, we bringin' it back (Broski got forty)
The new lick don't hit then it's back the pack
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