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Billie Holiday


Your my... Sun

& i see shadows

Im sick n fckn tired...
Of losing people
You already took to many
You already took to many

For 400 years
Atatiana Jefferson - Oscar Grant - Sandra Bland - Eric Garner - trayvon
This list goes on
Bunch of trigger happy scary ass cops
Racist wit a badge make the law
& we know that it won't
Stop till its all over
O lord, its a gloomy sunday
O lord, its a gloomy sunday

You took abuela
I ain't understand it
I accepted
She was one of the greatest
She had a life full of internal happiness
Came from the bottom like most of us
Let me just open up
Its what comes with getting older
So, i saw the Alzheimer's when it started
Can't explain the feeling of seeing hee drift farther
One minute she wit u
Next minute, shes forgotten
Knew it was gon be hard for my father's father /
& it got harder
A few months ago he lost the will to eat
A few weeks ago he told my auntie that he "heard her speak"
& she told him in a dream that it was time to leave
So, he told us
& we knew what it was gon b
So rest in peace
Those 57 years is what we strive for
Learned about loyalty from them
They really died for...
Each other, its a love that ima think about forever
But now you got me dealing with this other death it never.... Stops
How the fck u take my cousin ?
Like that...
Give his life back
& i know it can't be done
So, his name gon b sung
In Jesus' name
Put em up & burn this jane
To the reaper
You done took to many people
Can we stay?
& theres evil out there
Dont you wana get to em?
Im sayin
But we know the deal
Really ain't know logic to this game
2018 had me fcked up
Some sucker took my potna cold blooded
Put a gun up
Pulled the trigger
& a bullet shot out @ him & hit him in the chest...
I overheard
I couldn't look into it
Thats 4 the birds
How u leave them evil mf's
Take all the legends
We got pill endorsing executives
Nah we can't pretend
You took Pimp, Got to Juice
Peep, Mac & Fredo
Why tf u take nipsey?
We dont get to kno

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