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John Legend

"Hurts So Bad"

Verse 1:
I think I messed up this time
I let you go and I can't get no sleep
The thoughts going through my head
What I should have done instead
I'm trying to be free
I thought I'd get over you
I'm finding its hard to do
And I'm so confused
I don't know

Why does it hurt so bad
How come I just can't let you go
(I wanna know yea)
Cause I shouldn't feel this sad
But I can't help it, I miss you so

Verse 2:
But I had to run around
I couldn't settle down
I was chasing my dreams
And I sit here by myself
And now you're with someone else
When It should be me
I thought it get easier
I said I didn't need you
And I can't believe I was wrong

[Chorus 2x's]
Said it hurts so bad (hurts so bad)
Said it hurts me so bad (hurts so bad)
[Repeat 3x's]

I wish you would come around
I wish we could work it out
I wish you were here
But you're gone

[Vamp til fade out]

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