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John Legend

"Last Night"

[Hook: John Legend]
Last night I dreamt of an angel
I almost passed away you're yesterday but I'm blessed today
On top of the world acts so painful
It ain't no mystery, it's meant for me to make history

[Verse: Kanye West]
n*ggas thought I couldn't rhyme but I tricked 'em
My pulse quickened, I
Brought myself outta last place, I Michael Vick'd 'em
n*ggas thought I let 'em down like Tyson
I got the belt like Lewis
I took these beats, I passed 'em to myself, I'm Kordell Stewart
Back on the corner, back on the block
The Quincy Jones of hip hop, it's my time like Warner
Since I shine like Shyne in '99 with his
A lot of people talkin' real outta like with this
There's a war going on a few b*tches wanna start with me
Showing the New World, I'mma Order even more of me
So I can live forever like diamonds
Throw your diamonds up, cause almost dying ain't stop me from rhyming
I hate a deadbeat n*gga that rely on his man
See he'll lie on his di*k but won't lie on the stand
And go to every single barbershop and lie to the fans
So it's time for Kanye to put the Chi on again
I'm the 2003, Do Or D-I-E
They trying to say the best n*gga is Twista, then me
It's all R.O.C., it's all family tree
I got that new G5 he got that new Hum-Vee
Incorporate Young Hov and that's The Blueprint 3
And The Blueprint 2 is 3 mil right now
So cut all that, "I don't like Bonnie & Clyde sh*t out

[Bridge: John Legend + Sample]
Oooh hooo
I got nowhere to
Oooh hooo
I got nowhere to
Oooh hooo
I got nowhere to

[Bridge: Kanye West]
Dawg, there's nowhere to hide
All I got is my pride
I almost died
I keep that 2Pac feeling alive
You have no idea how I'm feeling inside
It's the Roc throw your diamonds up in the sky

[Hook: John Legend]

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