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John Legend

"Angel (Remix)"

[Hook: John Legend]
If I could, I'd give you the world
Wrap it all around you
Won't be satisfied with just a piece of this heart
My angel, oh angel
You're my angel, oh angel

[Bridge: Stacy Barthe]
Oh, dreams are dreams
Some dreams come true
I found a real dream, baby when I found you
You're so strong but tender too
You're my angel
You're my angel
You're my angel

[Verse: Lil Wayne]
She only wearin’ drawers to the doctor
She switch her hair up like the Feds watching
She got a cell phone & a Tunechi phone
I paid her bills twice, she got her house phone for decorations
Hold up she keep herself up real nice
She the sh*t plus two
She kiss herself before she go to sleep
I don't know what keeps her from sayin' I'm the sh*t, f*ck you
And still put up with my sh*t
I just thank my lucky stars when the sky lit like a pilot
Hold up she sleep in a fetal position
She sleep with her feet on a n*gga
Hold up she cookin' feed
And feed off a n*gga hold up
Gorgeous breathin' on a n*gga oohh
I cut a needle (?)
And make her moan and break her bone
She at home with nothing but an apron on
Halo blonde
I'm the only horny devil that, that angel waiting on
Cause when she fell from Heaven I was there to break the fall
My angel, my angel

[Bridge 2: Stacy Barthe]
You're my angel
You're my angel
You're my angel

[Outro: John Legend]
You're mine
You're mine, just

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