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John Legend

"Never Surrender"

[Verse 1: Scarface]
Gotta be careful who you trusting
Be aware of your surrounding when you hustling
Them n*ggas smiling at you
Ain't your friends, dawg
All the real ones are dead or in the pen y'all
You f*ck with dude, he your day one
Almost had it all then the day comes
When they walking through your house with the strap out
Pointing at your

Head, got the bread then you black out (yeah)
Bright lights down the hallways
Left his best friend for dead for the small
Wage (ay)
They say that every dog's got a day coming
It's like he seen a ghost but he
Ain't say nothing
Eyes wide shut like you looking at me
Window pane to the soul say they n*ggas
But the pictures say them words we ain't trying to stomach
The homie didn't
Keep it one hundred
The cops doing roundups, say they got a suspect
Finally got a name now, I'm still thinkin f*ck that (forget, that)
For money
n*ggas murder what they close to (get this n*gga)
Entire families these motherf*ckers ghost you
Smoke you, was it worth what
The life was?
Just prepared for the payback because it strikes cuz
Was it worth what that
Life was?
Prepare for the payback when it strikes cuz

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