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John Legend


A colorful rainbow up in the sky
And never thought that it show's up
Friends of mine a butterfly that can fly
I will be fine with nature
Trees ocean rivers lakes and
Animals and lastly the grass lands
That can make me happy
Is it wonderful to have colors in our
Nature thanks to Jesus Christ
That he makes a wonderful earth colorful
I know that we need to respect
And never changed the world so that we can
See any colors like a rainbow
Happiness is my life not a sadness

Always stay strong when we see a sea
Creature under the water you know it all
The best walking on the nature is really
Smile forever no sadness for me and
I'd be crazy about the beauty of the colors
Like a flowers roses are red violets are blue
It's amazing to have anything
Today is the best day ever when you
See something I quickly missed everything
In the dancing trees so beautiful
Why is it so beautiful? because I missed
You so much and it never happened to me
Keep it up love is blind
Thought your my only one and never
Let it go how to be you?
Sleep and fly high in the sky and
Lift my hands to you
Let me hear you say that you Loved me
Like a wonderful colors I will be your
Last knife into your heart
I just wanna be with you don't ever
Leave me in the rain and in dark with so
Much pained burn it up
Go for it heal yourself through the lord
The son of God and face your sins
Through Jesus Christ
Respect our be loving God or Our
Lord through heaven he suffer death and raise
Once again as his power he works with us
Like a powerful creature look down the
View into world

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