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John Legend

"Ghetto Rich (Remix)"

[Verse 1 - Rich Boy]
Let me take ya through my hood where I was born and raised
Where n*ggas toting semi-automatics, busting them K's
Heavy guns and dope boys harassed by the police
Still getting pulled over and asked by the police
Bama wasn't made for a n*gga to win
See the color of ya skin get ya put in the pen
It's real life, over dice, Dwayne dead and gone
Sending n*ggas to the pen or the funeral home
I be feeling like the Lord will never answer me back
So I'm holding on my gat just in case they attack
Bullet holes in ya house it'll make it hard to sleep
Ya see the fiends on the street want the hard for cheap
Lotta n*ggas doing life from undercovers and fake friends
It's real how them penitentiary bars'll break men
n*ggas doing life from undercovers and fake friends
It's real how them penitentiary bars'll break men

[Hook - John Legend]
It's where ya live, it's where ya play
It's where ya learn, ya favorite slang
Your world is, ghetto
It's where I live; it's where I'm from
It's where ya had, to tote your gun
Your world is, ghetto

[Verse 2 - Lil Wayne]
I could never win an Oscar cause I don't know how to act
Saw my first million dollars and I ain't know how to act
Then the second million came, then more came after that
Then more came after that, Hurricane after that
Damn, and y'all saw the aftermath
And in my hood we don't front, so I do give back
When you see a hood n*gga you gotta tilt your hat
And since I'm a hood n*gga, I do just that
OGs used to tell me you just rap
Lil' n*gga all you need to do is rap
And just when I thought I was gonna do just that
Poppa was a Rolling Stone and them stone was crack
f*ck being like Mike I wanna be like pop
Then I picked up a mic I wanna be like 'Pac
Please put down the pipe you don't need that rock
Please put up a fight for the kids that watch
Us in the spotlight and then they mock
But caskets get closed and then they drop
And cases get closed and they are dropped
Cause no one knows and nobody got
Any out nor info, cause they better not
Three words to a witness: "They get shot"
Let me tell you what this is, this is the block
Always talk to God, never listen to cops

[Hook - John Legend]

[Verse 2 - Nas]
It's cool to love to win but it's better to hate to lose
There's only one Nas, bout a hundred thousand you's
You lose money chasing women, never lose women chasing money
n*ggas is broke plus the wolves is hungry
Morgues full of dead n*ggas who was taking money
Morgues full of n*ggas who the last sh*t they ate in stomach
Spinach and steak, GORE-TEX boot, print still on his face
His steel on his face when we visit his wake
Whatever's undone I'd do it, fight against a whole army
One gun I'll use it, some Sun Tzu sh*t
Creeping on ya like walking pneumonia
You're far from opponents; we could spar for the moments
I stay in deceitful conversations with creeps with foul natures
Attempted murders trials, the basics
Threatening the witnesses and relatives of dead victims
It's the sh*t we live, uh, Queensbridge thug matrimony, clap a phony
Bullets even hit a cracker in his Abercrombie
Psycho analyst was asking me what happened to me?
See the 'gnac got to me, then the gat got to me
Then the homies on the block with the stacks of money
Then these beautiful b*tches was bending backwards for me
Then lames put the rap game in a casket slowly
Man I don't give a f*ck, this is rap to me

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