John Legend

"Maybach Music VI (Extended)"

J.U.S.T.I.C.E League

[Chorus: John Legend]
Oh, glidin' through the city to my place (My place)
It feels like we're floatin' up in outer space
(And you can still) Oh, you can find me in my Maybach
Listening to sh*t from way back (Maybach Music)
Oh, ah, Maybach Music
(Maybach Music)

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Flows mind-blowing, these n***as switching the topic
All d**k-riders, your label labeled erotic
You got a couple dollars, but really it's barely modest
Couldn't sign me if you n***as was payin' homage
Playin' both side, convicted you with verdict
Play a lil' rider, come hit you up for the murder
Chains all hollow, I peeped soon as I heard it
These n***as be talkin' shooter, but quick to send they attorney
Is it really real, like Cand Lady allure?
Money overboard, the kilos washin' ashore
Pains on the boy, Versace down to the drawers
Currency come in Crypto, you know they tapin' our calls
Chariots and lofts, n***as legs crossed
Talkin' long money, but they conversation's short
New accolades with women for me to toss
They call it "the road to riches", regardless, I had to walk
Now it's too many cars, they say I live in a bubble
But I make it the point, we poppin' all through the Summer
Got the pilots and gunners, receivers, passers and punters
My pockets playin' for keeps, G's get more than what's common
I made a few mistakes, I pray I get to repent
The passion came from the pain, I'm paintin' you all my sins
Warhol, Art Basel how it's so soft
More raw till Hov cut the 'fro off
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