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John Legend

"In My Life"

[Verse 1: Ludacris]
Yeah, I used to care so much what people thought about me
Now I really could give a f*ck
Not when I own over $15 million in real estate
And bought all the Fast & Furious trucks, haha
See, everyday I put in work and my salary grows
So excuse me I'm not caught up on reality shows
See the Bridges Family values on the south side
I live in Atlanta but do not have an Atlanta housewife
I'm not married, I've never been engaged
But your dumb-ass believes whatever's on the front page
See some of these bloggers don't even believe their own lies
Turn the computer screen into a mirror, look at'cha own lives
Cause technology exceeds all humanity
But there's a thin line between genius and insanity
Now private pics on my private, no longer private, man
Hope I can gets some privacy up on my private plane

[Hook: John Legend]
Ohhh, living in the spotlight
Oh if it's too hot, too hot tonight
I think I'm gonna take flight
But I'm a be alright, I'm a be alright
Let me live 'til I die

[Verse 2: Ludacris]
I'm doing interviews
Getting asked the same questions from 10 years ago
Wondering to myself what the f*ck I'm there for
Now that my daughter's a CEO at the age of 10
And I got restaurants inside Atlanta's airport
That repetition will drive any human being nutty
I'd rather be in my own crib, on my own couch
Thinking I gotta do what the f*ck I wanna do money
Yeah, and then I went to Quincy Jones' house
Realize I didn't have sh*t, got some work to do
Soon as you get some money, it's gon' be someone with more than you
Sci-Fi movies, the fans said this album is overdue
And if you don't put some music out
These n*ggas gon' be over you
Talking about where that old Luda, for the rapper's sake
But Ursher told me if I don't evolve I'll evaporate
I've gotten better, motherf*cker if you listen
If you're smart, and went to college better use your intuition


[Verse 3: Ludacris]
Yeah, my own expectations I exceeded them
And when people say Luda's underrated, I'd agree with 'em
Jay said I'm so visual, they overlook the lyrics
But every verse you get a sample if your mind can clear it
Then steer it in the direction of your memory
And I'll be satisfied when I'm celebrated for centuries
Wrote a song for my girl she couldn't stand straight
My man said, "don't release it, you'll ruin your female fan base"
I said, "man, my female fan base gon' be here for forever"
Cause even though I'm with one, to them we're still together
And who am I to tell 'em different if my voice can freak 'em
Long as I can continue coming through all of that speakers
I'm a man of choice words but I speak the truth
And I ain't scared of sh*t except God in a life or jail suit
Especially when all of my bills are paid for
And God answered everything that I prayed for

[Hook x2]

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