[Swampkill777] Guap up, hit Juggs
Cash app, venmo, PayPal
Watch the blood flood
Whip the blade whip the scythe out
Hit ‘em with the k’nuckles, No flapjack
Once I’m running off you cannot get your pack back
Snakes in the grass had to backtrack
Blade tucked in my backpack

[Bloody Punk] Vintage guess jeans I don’t f**k with true religion
Made that girl a sl*t I thought she was Christian
She say she a virgin but a whore for Dior
Valentino on the top but the tracksuit velour
Bloody I’m so muddy I might pour up a four
Aim at your chest next to your Vivienne Westwood (Westwood)
Vamp b*t*h give me neck good(necks good)
b*t*h I’m in the sewer and thеy wanna copy me
Smoking on thrax and it smell like pee
Sipping on syrup likе flapjack (flapjack)
Got a big blade in my backpack (backpack)

On the creep like flatjack in a hoodie and it’s all black
In the function, watch me function slowly
Catch me where the crows be

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