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Jonathan Butler

"She’s A Teaser"

She's a teaser

[Verse 1]
She'll promise you pleasure
Excite you with the games she plays
She'll lead you on forever
Take you right up to the edge
But never all the way

She's a teaser, don't waste your time
She'll tempt you with her body and mess with your mind
She's a teaser, she can't be tamed
She's got you where she wants you, playing her game

[Verse 2]
She'll call you up at 2 AM
Says she wants some company
I tell you this from experience
The only thing you'll do all night is watch TV

[Repeat Chorus x2]

There's no doubt about it, she plays with fire
She gets a thrill from unfulfilled desire
Just when you think that she's coming around
She'll make her move just to prove
That she wears, that she wears the crown

[Repeat Chorus]

[Piano Solo]

[Repeat Chorus]

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